Keep Stilt Walking Videos:


Circus Halloween Masquerade




Tropical Girl Stilt Walkers




Golden Girl Stilt Walker with LED Wings




Pink Antoinette Stilt Walker Shows Off Her Powers




Samba Hora Loca Dancers South Beach



Samba Hora Loca Dancers Miami Beach




Marie Antoinette Stilt Walker




Mimi the French Mime Stilt Walker with Mini Mimi




Golden Girl Stilt Walkers at The Deck, French & Famous White Party




Floral Champagne Dress with Violinist




Caribbean Stilt Walkers




Marie Antoinette, Luis XVI, Royal Family, Opera Singer, Champagne Dress, Masquerade 




Golden Girl Stilt Walkers




Interactive Tree Nymphs during Green Day Festival



Marie Antoinette & Luis XVI Stilt Walkers 




Queen Marie Antoinette & King Luis XVI Stilt Walkers




French Mime Stilt Walker




French Can Can Dancers Hora Loca Show




Fifi the Clown Stilt Walker




Indian Theme Stilt Walker, with Dancers & Live Indian Band




Tree Nymph Stilt Walkers




French Can Can Stilt Walker




Golden Girls Stilt Walkers




French Mime




Hora Loca Samba Dancers




French Can Can Dancer Kaleidoscope




Hora Loca Samba Dancer




Marie Antoinette Dinner Show




Birthday Fairy Stilt Walker




Hora Loca Samba Dancers




Ballet Dancers




Royal Family Dinner Show




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